Warranties Explained

At SmartPRO we understand that a new roof is a substantial financial investment.

That is why wewant to make sure that our customers are fully aware of the warranty coverage provided from ourcompany, as well as with the products you purchase.

Workmanship Warranty

10-Year Warranty

At a minimum, all SmartPRO roofs come with our standard 10-year workman- ship warranty– a rarity in roofing that we’re very proud of! In short, 10 years from the first day your warranty begins, we will repair your roof if it fails due to our workmanship at no cost to you. Limitations listed below

For our mid-tier homeowners, we offer a level of coverage that is more unbelievable than our standard warranty. For any leaks experienced after installation, we will repair the leak at no cost to you if it’s due to an error in our workmanship. Limitations listed below.

Exactly as it sounds!  Our warranty extends for the entire duration of the homeowner’s time with their new roof. Should there be any issues resulting from our installation, we’ll handle the repairs at no extra charge. See below for specific limitations of this warranty.

SmartPRO warranties are fully transferable.

Manufacturer Warranty

Nearly all manufacturers provide a warranty against defects for their roofing products, but your exact coverage will vary depending on the brand. Most shingle manufacturers carry a “lifetime”, “lifetime-limited”, and “limited” warranty. Tile companies usually offer 25 year labor & material warranty.

As per the product selected for your roof, all manufacturer warranties are subject to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. Please see your respective manufacturer’s warranty for inclusions and exclusions.

Warranty Disqualifiers: Roof damage caused by the acts or omissions of other trades or contractors after service, lightning, wind gust speeds of 35 mph or more at 10 meters above ground, hail storm, flood, earthquake, or other unusual phenomenon of the elements, structural settlement, failure, movement, cracking or excess deflection of the roof deck, defects or failure of materials used as a roof substrate over which the roof system is applied; faulty condition of parapet walls, copings, chimneys, skylights, vents, supports or other parts of the building; vapor condensation beneath the roof, penetrations for pitch boxes, erosion, cracking and porosity or mortar and brick, dry rot, stoppage of roof drains and gutters, penetration of the roof from beneath fasteners of any type;

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