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Storm Damage

Visibly missing or damaged shingles and tiles are easy indicators of storm damage. Unfortunately, not all damage is as easily detected

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Does Your Roof Have Storm Damage?

After a storm, your damage may or may not be obvious. Determining if a roof is damaged can be deceiving, and misjudging what is really going on can be dangerous.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by a recent storm, or even if you are unsure, contacting a licensed contractor is the best course of action. We advise against risking your safety by attempting to walk on the roof to assess the damage yourself. Instead, give us a call and we can send professionals to safely inspect it. Your well-being is our top priority and you are in great hands with our team.

SmartPRO’s Storm Restoration Timeline

Embarking on a roof repair journey? Brace yourself for a meticulous process that begins with a thorough inspection, leading to a precise quotation. Watch as skilled roofers skillfully replace damaged components and seal off any leaks, ensuring your roof regains its integrity.

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Initial Inspection

Work Agreement

Adjuster Meeting

Insurance - Scope of Loss

Contract Signed


Materials Ordered

Material Delivery

Roof Replaced

Final Inspection

Frequently Ask Questions

What types of storm damage does SmartPRO repair?

SmartPRO repairs all types of storm damage, including damage from wind, hail, and heavy rain.

We prioritize rapid response to storm damage to prevent further harm to your property, typically beginning assessments and repairs within 24-48 hours of your call.

Contact SmartPRO immediately for a thorough inspection. We’ll assess any damage and discuss the best options for repair or replacement.

Yes, we offer temporary solutions to protect your property from further damage until permanent repairs can be completed.

We recommend regular inspections and maintenance, along with installing storm-resistant features like reinforced roofing materials to help mitigate future storm impacts.

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